When it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing has been widely talked about in recent times. Social media has become such a powerful platform for companies that it helps them to promote their businesses and to reach out to their target market. It has also become a powerhouse that can assist in creating brand awareness and earning loyal customers. 

Among the different social media channels, Facebook is the leading social media platform with billions of active subscribers worldwide. By penetrating this platform, promoting your business, and engaging with the audience, you have the potential to put your business on the pedestal of success. However, you have to make sure that you do it right.

That said, below are five effective ways to boost your Facebook marketing this 2020 and take your business up a notch.

Communicate with your customers

Posting content or links is one matter, and responding to people is another. Many companies are robust when it comes to sharing content or posting links. However, they stop at that point. As a result, customers who have questions, suggestions, or any valuable insights to share, are you then left hanging. 

This is why you must take the time to respond to individuals who are inquiring about your business and communicating with you. By doing so, you can connect with your audience and build strong and lasting relationships with them. Such a connection can translate into social engagements that will work wonders for your business.

Post videos and go live

Did you know that people spent more time watching videos in 2019? Research shows that 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube weekly. This is expected to grow exponentially this year and in the years to come. 

Because people now prefer to watch videos, it makes sense to add video content to your Facebook marketing strategy. Also, going live on Facebook is a great opportunity to know your audience on a more personal level. Both strategies are effective in engaging with your audience on Facebook.

Engage with customers via Messenger

Keep in mind that there are many tools available on Facebook that your business should take advantage of. For one, harnessing the power of Facebook Messenger can make a difference in your business. Unfortunately, some companies fail to utilize this tool on Facebook that will actually help promote their business. 

Facebook Messenger is very influential in connecting with both loyal and potential customers, whether it is to answer their inquiry or promote a new product or service. This year, make sure to utilize Facebook Messenger and reach out to new and old customers

Publish quality content consistently.

Consistency is the key to making the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts. When it comes to consistency, however, this means that you need to publish content regularly. Regarding producing content, on the other hand, remember that it’s also not just about quantity but quality. 

This is because it’s not enough for marketers to make one good post on Facebook and then abandon their accounts. As much as possible, you have to produce as many valuable pieces of content as you can and post them periodically. Doing so can bring awareness to your business, show customers that you are a dedicated and credible source. 

// Final words

Digital marketing can be quite challenging for many companies trying to navigate the online world. However, by utilizing the power and benefits of Facebook, and also by following the valuable tips given above, you will be presented with many opportunities to boost your business for future successes. If you’re looking for a Facebook marketing agency to deliver campaigns that result in conversions, traffic & engagement, get in touch with us today for a free consultation!