After all these years, there’s one marketing tool that continues to be powerful—email. As we approach a new year, new trends and changes are expected that may affect email marketing. Hence, it’s best to know the latest trends for email marketing in 2020 to keep up. 

Here are some email marketing trends you must be aware of as we approach a new year:

More Focus on Mobile

More people use mobile browsing compared to desktop. Hence, the latest statistics show that there is now a higher number of emails opened on mobile compared to the previous years. This calls for an improved email optimization through the copy, images, and overall layout design of emails. 

Concise Email Copy and Design

The prime objective of copywriters for email marketing in 2020 must be to create clear and concise email copies. While UX-design experts may focus on developing a more straightforward email design and layout. Users are leading busier lives, and they tend to read emails on the go. That said, it is crucial that your message is clear the moment they open your message. You need to make copies that are easy to consume and scannable content. 

Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI in the marketing world is mostly about automation. In 2020, expect to see more automation processes that make marketing lives more comfortable, faster, and better. AI automation for emails focuses on delivering the most relevant content at the right time to a specific individual or a group of people. AI for email marketing now provides (and will be put more into use in 2020) smart segmentation, automated workflow, optimized content and subject line, and analytics, among others. 

User-Generated Content (UGC)

The end-user produces UGC, and this type of content can drive traffic and engagement to your site. Using email marketing to encourage consumers to contribute content will help promote authenticity and improve conversion rates for your brand. It’s been shown that consumers will look to reviews or ratings before they purchase a product. In 2020, the need for UGC is higher, and email is the best channel to gather this type of content. 

Social Media Integration

More and more people are spending most of their time on social media. For businesses, shifting their focus on marketing on these channels seems to be a good option. The integration of email with social media is going to be a thing in 2020. Working with influencers on social media will also become even more popular. 

Widespread Video Content Use

There’s a growing number of people who spend a lot of time watching videos online. With this, it’s become one of the most sought-after contents of consumers today. Product videos have become helpful in making a purchase, as they make it easier to showcase products or services. Interactive emails that include videos will be a huge part of email marketing strategies in 2020. 

The future of email marketing is reliable because it remains robust and continues to evolve. Keeping up with these advancements in email marketing in 2020 will let marketers create more impactful campaigns that can engage users and grow businesses. 

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