Statista estimates that there will be 2.7 billion social media users in the world by the end of 2017. That’s a colossal number of users, one that’s still expected to rise by 7 percent each year. Those numbers are also why social media marketing is taking off. If you aren’t using social media marketing to boost your sales and conversions, then you’re missing out on a huge market. Here are 5 ways that work:

Time it right

Don’t just post updates to your social media pages randomly. Find out peak times especially if you market to different time zones. Hiring a digital marketing firm to help you connect and engage your audience will also help. Pros can calculate the best time for your posts and snippets with ease.

Repurpose and reshare content

While posting fresh content is always ideal, if you have popular posts, it would be a good idea to share them again. Engaging the services of a digital marketing agency also comes in handy at this point. If you have a lean team, getting pros on board to handle your social media content and tweak your messages right can do a lot to get you the consumer interest and buying attention you want.

Optimize for each network

Handling your social media pages on your own can be difficult. Each one handles images and text differently. No worries, though. Reaching out to the right digital marketing team can help you optimize your content and message for each of those networks, whether you’re working with Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Find the right channels

A lot of businesses make the mistake of having too many social media pages. A team of pros can take a look at your pages and assess which channels are getting more social engagement and leading to revenue. This will help you finally connect to your target market on the platforms and channels that matter to them. It’s an excellent way to save on advertising spend. Instead of spreading yourself too thin and wasting valuable resources, you can focus your marketing efforts and campaigns on the social media platforms that are right for your brand and business.

Know what’s working

And you won’t know that unless you track your shares as well as social media content. You’re going to need to understand and make the most out of your analytics data. Don’t know what that is? Reach out to a digital marketing team for help.

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