It’s a huge market out there—but that market is busy. If you’re launching a new brand and business, then you’ll need to break through the mainstream, the clutter, and noise. That’s one way to grab a portion of the consumer pie. One way to do that is to generate more social media traffic. If there are zero likes, shares and comments on your posts, then that’s a huge waste. Learn to generate more traffic with these five tips:

Post regularly

That’s a good piece of advice from Social Media Today. Visibility contributes to better consumer interest and attention. By posting regularly, your consumers will often remember your brand and business. The next time they need your product or service, they’re much more likely to hit like, comment or share.

Give relevant content

Get better at delivering what your market needs. Provide them with relevant information. Posting regularly won’t help increase engagement to your pages if your posts aren’t important or interesting to them in any way.

Know your market

Know who your customers are. Be obsessed with your market. That’s the only way you’ll know what they want. By doing so, you’ll get better at giving them the kind of content they need and respond to.

Engage them

Customers who love your products/services will comment and like your posts and share them. Always respond to those comments, likes, and shares. That’s going to encourage future replies and reactions to your posts.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags helps your traffic grow. This will tie into your social updates, making them much easier for your audience to find and see. However, too many hashtags tend to look cumbersome and off-putting so limit them to two or three for every update. That should get the job done.

Post at the right time

Don’t post willy-nilly. If you release new updates with little to no regard to time, you could be wasting your resources. Post at the right time so more people will see your updates. Find out what times get you the most clicks and likes. Do it by trial and error. Once you know, you won’t have to worry about not making the best out of your posts. You schedule them better.

Get help

Monitoring and managing your social media pages is a full-time job. Get expert help from pros. Know how to target your market. Hire the services of a digital marketing agency for help. Contact Conversion Buddha today.