Howling Brands 360 Lead Guarantee


Although we almost always exceed the minimum number, Howling Brands will guarantee a minimum of 50 highly targeted leads on a monthly basis or you get (1) month of our management service fee waived.

The Howling Brands 360 Guarantee does not include Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click ad spends.

The number of guaranteed leads is based on the industry and the guarantee amount will be provided on the initial consultation.

In order to qualify for the guarantee, you must subscribe to either the Howling Brands 360 Plus or Howling Brands 360 Custom option.

Although you will start receiving leads and sales within a couple of weeks of your initial subscription, the Howling Brands 360 Guarantee starts 90 days after the initial 30-day setup period. Prior to then, no guarantees are made since this is considered the “set-up” and “optimization” period.

Howling Brands reserves the right to eliminate, update, and/or change the terms and eligibility of the Howling Brands 360 Guarantee. Howling Brands defines a lead as a telephone call, appointment, sales, contact form, or quote form completed.

If you have any questions regarding the guarantee, please contact us:

[email protected]