This new decade is an exciting and challenging time for e-commerce email marketers. While riding the waves of continuous change, email marketing has more in store to keep up with consumer expectations. In this article, we’ll go over how email marketing will transform in 2020: 

Email marketing will become more seamless

This year brings good news to email marketers as we say goodbye and good riddance to information silo. The trend is now shifting toward allowing communication to course through different information management systems openly. Unlike before, when it’s almost impossible to work with unrelated systems, we can now expect to move easily between emails and other platforms, such as social media or a website. Communication can now become more seamless, which will enhance customer experience and increase the effectiveness of an email campaign.

Email marketing will become a more personal experience

The common problem with email marketers is that they often sound too impersonal in their email messages. Thankfully, better technology can now enhance personalization in e-commerce marketing campaigns. With more data available, marketers can use an email list segmentation to group subscribers, sorting them into the desired categories based on certain criteria. 

Technology now allows e-commerce retailers to base their campaigns on customer behavior. This means that marketers can send varying follow-up emails or subscription emails, depending on the background of the customers. As a result, instead of sending default emails with a dull tone, marketers can now engage with their customers on a personal level.

Email marketing will be driven further by technology and data

Marketing requires data to manage its key tenets better. The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can aid in providing a user-friendly interface for customers and subscribers. Much of the marketing approaches will be focused on being automated and integrated in terms of technology. AI can now determine email content, while marketers can lead the decision to choose the most optimal subject lines and images for the email.

Email marketing has more opportunities with tech devices

With today’s available tech devices, email marketing can provide more impact on customers and subscribers. E-commerce retailers can use data to make every message more personal to customers. 

As emails can now be accessed on various platforms and devices, you can increase consumer engagement further. Given that people use different devices, such as an Apple Watch or an Alexa-enabled car, a better user experience can help customers to browse and follow through all the communication whenever and wherever they are. 


E-commerce email marketing may have been perceived obscure in the past years, but this decade presents better opportunities for implementing this strategy. More significantly, many users today are growing more attached to emails as the most professional means of communication. Many customers establish their business profiles or internet personalities using email as the central communication line. With an overwhelming number of millennial consumers, email marketing remains to be one of the most relevant marketing strategies available today. It will continue to be true for decades to come.

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