Google knowledge graph has been getting some more attention. You would think that this is a brand-new service. However, that is inaccurate. reminds us that the service was launched in May 2012 and is an example of machine learning. Google Knowledge Graph was created to understand facts. What kind of facts? Google knowledge graph was created to understand the facts and interconnectedness of people, places, and things. Think about your typical Venn diagram with each field assigned a different criterion, and how those criteria meet in the center and become interconnected. For instance, let’s create a hypothetical Venn diagram and assign one field as “stores on Main Street” and the second field as “comic book shops” – the middle of the Venn diagram where the circles interconnect be would be comic book stores on Main Street. This connection point provides you not with just a link but answers to a search for a comic book shop in your local area.

Okay. Big Deal. Why Do I Need to Know This?

Well, the answer to this is simple. If you don’t know about Google Knowledge Graph, then you may be missing out on better rankings when it comes to Google search. If you are publishing content on the web to drive clicks to your business, you need to know how to rank in the Google with the help of Knowledge Graph. After all, this service was created to make search engine results more relevant to the person doing the searching. Google has only one goal, and that is providing searchers with accurate information. It’s even a part of the company’s mission statement, and every algorithm update further refines search engine results to be pertinent to the individual doing the searching. Not the demographic, but the human being on the other end of the computer. Not so incidentally, this is the person that your business target. The knowledge graph takes all the keywords that are put into the search engine and parses the intent behind those words, then – based on available content that has already been indexed – provides a result.

The Knowledge Graph Card

The knowledge graph card is the total of the facts gathered by the Google Knowledge Graph. This is the card that, when you’re searching, pops up on the right-hand side of the screen with great results to his left. When there is enough data available, the card is generated and then populated with relevant images, related searches and facts. How you might ask, is one supposed to get one’s content into that card. The answer is, by becoming an authority on your subject, then finding out what keywords people are using. After that, you need to provide excellent and authoritative content, then keep providing it on a consistent basis. If this all sounds like a little much, then you need to talk to Conversion Buddha. As a digital marketing firm, we understand how to rank in the Google with the help of Knowledge Graph, and how to boost your content higher in search engine rankings. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do to increase your visibility and page rankings.