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Social Media and Marketing for Your HRT Provision Business

Did you know that the majority of people in developed nations have a Facebook account? With the world’s population pushing toward eight billion people, over two billion of them either have a personal Facebook account or use Facebook with some regularity. That’s a large group of people; chances are, your target audience is lurking in that very large number!

So, how do you turn those numbers into something meaningful for your business? Can you transform Facebook users into prospective consumers? At Howling Brands, we will show you that the answer is “yes” – and show you exactly how to do it!

Social Media Marketing

Working with Howling Brands means that you are working with specialists in all aspects of online marketing from websites, to branding, to hormone therapy clinic social media marketing. Memorable ads that are actionable and relatable will bring in the conversions that you need from clicks to customers. Striking the right tone can overcome a natural reticence of many Internet users to medical advertising, and targeting the middle-aged and elderly demographic with informative ads allows them to understand and access a therapy widely ignored by allopathic medicine.

Why Social Media?

Social media is so much more than selfies and photographs of food. Social media is a communication method that has never existed before in history. It allows communication and influence to pass between peers and related groups in expanding circles of influence. For instance, Facebook has 2 billion active accounts. People use Facebook daily, even hourly to keep up with friends and family, news and gossip, and trending subjects. Hormone therapy clinic social media marketing enters the conversation at a critical point, and has the advantage of looking like native content generated by another user. This encourages people who can relate to the issues of aging in a very personal way. Falling hair, decreasing sex drive, changes in energy levels and forgetfulness can be very stressful, and these ads can reach them at a critical point. Drawing them into the conversation on social media means that they will continue the conversation on social media once they have used your therapies.

Facebook for the Field of HRT

As the population ages, more men and women are looking to bio-identical hormone therapy to help stave off some of the least pleasant parts of aging. Far from being out of reach, hormone therapy is available from many clinics and offers proven results when it comes to retaining muscle mass, enhancing sex drive, preserving cognitive function, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and allowing patients to feel younger with enhanced energy and endurance. Patients are treated with testosterone, human growth hormone, bioidentical thyroid therapy, and hormone-releasing peptides. With this kind of good news, it’s a wonder that hormone therapy clinics don’t have lines out their doors.

Hormone therapy is a product and service that is used by many different people for different reasons. Some of the people you might be serving at your business include:

  • Women are experiencing the symptoms of menopause.
  • Men dealing with decreased libido, energy and strength after the age of forty.
  • People under the age of forty experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance.
  • People taking elective hormone replacement or modification therapy for any reason.

While many people who use hormone therapy are in a specific age demographic – namely, over the age of forty, on average – many others are not. So, how do you reach consumers who fall into many different age groups and demographics? Facebook advertisement!

Facebook is perfect for advertising your hormone replacement and enhancement therapy providers. It is almost guaranteed that your target audience will have Facebook accounts or access to Facebook in some way. This makes Facebook advertisements for hormone therapy providers a great way to proactively reach out to those who might already be in search of your goods and services.

How Howling Brands Can Help You Reach Out

Creating effective social media advertising campaigns can be difficult, especially if you are not experienced in the field. However, the benefits are far too great to simply ignore this potential asset to your company.

This is how Howling Brands can help. We offer Facebook ad management for hormone therapy clinics and many other types of companies. We give you the tools, knowledge, and preparation you need to hit the ground running with your ad campaign. Whether you’re looking to add more customers, expand into new communities or find partnerships for your brand, there is little that effective Facebook ad management for hormone therapy clinics can’t do to help you reach your goals.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today and see what a major difference a good Facebook advertising campaign can make for your bottom line!


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