Short and Sweet Gets The Word Out for You!

SMSBillions of people globally own and use smartphones and mobile phones every day as part of their communication network. Love‘em or hate ‘em, texts are part of the fabric of our society. Some people send and receive hundreds of texts every day, so why shouldn’t your message be one of them? This is a quick and convenient way to deliver a short, precise message about your company to a desired target audience.

Most people don’t mind receiving text messages, if the sender has a message of interest to them. So that’s what we do at Conversion Buddha. If there are coupons, special deals, welcome messages, product updates, or time-sensitive information to be shared, we’ll make sure it gets out there on time and to the right people.

The watchwords we use when creating SMS messages for clients include:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Make sure it matters.
  • Don’t over-estimate the prospect’s patience.


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