Targeted Email Campaigns


Email Is Still a Very Effective Form of Marketing

Yes, people still do respond to email marketing. They just expect it to be much more sophisticated these days. That’s what Howling Brands does for your business or medical practice. We craft the perfect messages and send them out to the target audience at just the right intervals to keep top-of-mind awareness while still eliciting a response.

The main reasons we recommend including targeted email campaigns as part of a marketing strategy include:

  • Target-ability: You know exactly who you send your messages to, and are notified immediately if they are not received.
  • Brand Awareness: Just seeing your name pop up in their email feed will make an impression on recipients. If the subject line is strong enough, they will open it and some will even keep the email for future reference.
  • Sharea-bility: If they like what you have to offer well enough, it’s a simple click to pass on your message to family and friends.
  • Measure-ability: With the proper techniques, we can track who received your message, who opened it, and who clicked through to your website.
  • Afford-ability: Email is still one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available today. Just put together a strong enough message and a good target list, and your message is on its way!

We keep your business top of mind with a series of emails that convey the exact message you want to present, and always give the recipient a chance to do more.


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