Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. This makes it essential to stay on top of the latest marketing tactics to ensure your success. The following are some of the top SEO trends to look for and consider in the coming years.

Featured Questions and Quick Answers

Many users search a question and don’t even want to visit a website. They simply want a fast answer. Google has created a feature that provides quick answers at a simple click right on the search results page. When you cater to this feature, you will be able to more effectively reach your audience.

Mobile First Results

The search engines are recognizing more people are conducting their searches through mobile devices. For this reason, it’s important to create a mobile-friendly website. This will ensure everyone who visits your website gets the optimal experience.

Fast Loading Times

Even though more people have faster Internet speeds, the rate at which a page loads can have an impact on how long they stay and whether the sale converts. To ensure you attract the right people, it’s important to make sure your site will load as quickly as possible.

Visual Searches

Another rapidly growing trend in digital marketing is visual searches. With shorter attention spans and busy lifestyles, individuals would often prefer seeing images or videos, rather than having to read blocks of text, making it essential to tailor your searches in this manner.

User Experience

Individuals expect a great experience when they visit a website. If the page is difficult to navigate, links don’t work or it isn’t attractive in general, they are more likely to leave in favor of your competitors. To resolve this issue, be sure you work with experienced marketing professionals.

More Search Results Page Features

Google is constantly thinking of ways to help individuals gather the information they need more quickly and efficiently. This coming year, it’s important to keep an eye on the newest features to ensure you stay on top of the latest trends.

If you need help keeping up with all the changing SEO trends to ensure positive results for your website, contact us. We can provide the services you need to improve your rankings and your traffic.