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Get new customers…Guaranteed

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-Josie Moss, CEO

AAAC Wildlife Removal

”As A Franchising Company, We Needed A Solution To Sell More Franchises.

Howling Brands Was Integral To Our Success”



In 2015, Google’s mobile search surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Our staff runs targeted mobile click-to-call traffc.


In 2015, we collectively generated more than 18 million visitors to our customers websites.


Our team knows what works in SEO. Our data shows which terms result in new customers and which ones don’t.

Effectively Reach Your Target Audience

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is being able to attract the right people to your business. At Howling Brands, we are an online marketing agency that provides specialized services for industries, such as plastic surgeons, med spas, age management clinics and franchise-based businesses. With our focus in these areas, our digital marketing company is able to provide the specialized service you require to effectively reach your target audience and help you build your business.

We Guarantee More Customers

When you turn to our digital marketing company to help you with your social media marketing, as well as other online marketing needs, you can count on getting at least 50 new customers each month. Our specialists are so confident we will be able to help you generate new customers on a regular basis, we offer a free month if you don’t reach 50 new customers. We know how to help the right people find you so you can generate a steady stream of leads that are more likely to convert into the customers you need to run a successful business.

A Digital Marketing Company You Can Count On

Even though we specialize in social media marketing, we can also help with other aspects of your marketing campaign so you can grow your business more quickly. We offer expert web design, Google AdWords campaigns, branding, blog management, press releases, targeted email campaigns, online reviews, SEO services and much more. We will work with you to create a marketing plan designed to give you the boost you need to increase your sales and the number of qualified customers who are attracted to your website.

Get new customers…Guaranteed

We Guarantee Customers

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*Requires a HOwling Brands Plus or howling Brands Custom subscription. Restrictions apply.